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Purchasing your first home brings excitement, yet it can also overwhelm with confusion and stress. At, our foremost objective is to provide the support you require.

Investment property

We can help you if you're looking to purchase an investment property.

Investment property considerations

Deposit – do you have sufficient cash savings or other liquid assets, such as shares? Where is the money coming from? Is it a gift?

Location – being close to amenities and infrastructure such as transport, shopping centres, schools, beaches, parks are important to think about. Research on any development/planning in the area can also be useful – is a major hospital or school being built? – which will increase demand for property.

Rental yield – The higher the rental yield, the less stress on your monthly loan repayments.

Vacancy rates – Areas with low vacancy rates indicate that a tenant will be easy to find, meaning little to no rent going into your pocket.

The best loan structure

Various home loans offer differing degrees of flexibility, and the level of flexibility required typically aligns with your investment objectives. It’s crucial to discern between an investment loan designed to expedite debt reduction and one tailored to facilitate the acquisition of additional investment properties in the future. Understanding these distinctions is essential
for aligning your loan choice with your financial goals.

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