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How a broker helps you save time and money

Access to timely and adequate finance can be crucial to your business’ growth and success. Financial flexibility allows you to take advantage of investment opportunities, build stock levels and also weather any short-term setbacks or cash shortfalls.

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The key advantages of using a broker are:

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Things to consider with business finance

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What are you looking for?

Your broker needs to understand what you need finance for, how much money you need and how long you need this money for.

Whether you are looking for property financing for a large scale commercial property product, looking at options for leasing building equipment or simply want to explore alternatives such as debtor finance or a letter of credit to cover a short term cash flow shortfall, our brokers can help.

How safe a credit are you?

Questions including how long you have been in business, what your current financials and what relationship and credit terms your customers have will help a broker or lender ascertain your ability to repay the loan. You will also be asked about any assets such as property or inventory that you could pledge as collateral against a loan. Lenders will also often request both a personal and corporate credit check to understand your past credit history.

how much can you pay?

An online calculator such as our calculators will allow you to determine what the monthly cost of a loan at different sizes, interest rate and maturities will cost you. Any lender will want to ensure that your monthly pre-interest cash flows equal or exceed your interest expenses.

We recommend that you ensure that all your financial statements including income statements, cash flows, balance sheets and personal and corporate tax returns are prepared and up to date before applying for a loan.

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